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In this article, we will show you a Youtuber from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Mo Vlogs Aka Mohammad burgdar Let’s go into detail about age, Vicky and biography. Also, by the end of the article you actress Mo Vlogs Can see family photos. So, let us Mo Vlogs Take a look at the personal and professional life of.

Mo Vlogs Birth and Family

Mo Vlogs Was born on 8 March 1995 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He is a Youtub Star from the United Arab Emirates. Mo Vlogs real name is Mohammad Bergdar. His father’s name is Ismail Bergdar and mother’s name is Nadareh Samimi. He also has a sister named Lana Rose. He did his higher-level studies at Queensmary University in London.

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<figcaption>Mo Vlogs Mother And Sister</figcaption></figure>
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<figcaption>Mo Vlogs Sister - Lana Rose</figcaption>
<h3>Mo Vlogs Career - Mo Vlogs Career</h3>
<p><strong>Mo Vlogs </strong><strong>Of </strong>Career on social media in 2011 <strong>HitspecK0</strong> On youtube<br />
Started as a gamer. Positive reception of the channel<br />
Encourage you to expand yourself on social media<br />
<p>Two years later, in 2013, he<br />
A new channel <strong>‘Moe Vlogs’ (</strong><strong>Mo<br />
Vlogs</strong><strong>)</strong><strong>'</strong> Opened up to K and the channel's fate of Mo<br />
Stardom turned to pomp. On 7 December 2014, he posted on his channel titled 'My First Vlog'<br />
Posted her first video. Since then, Moe has released a<br />
Became a regular, through my vlogs, about my life<br />
I keep posting updates.</p>
<p>His videos such as' Rich Kids of the Middle East - The<br />
Most Expensive Car Event in the World ',' Racing in My Friends Bugatti ',<br />
'The Luxury Dubai Lifestyle - Billionaire Boys',' Girl Driving a Bugatti in Dubai ',' My New Car<br />
Paying for Money 'has garnered around 5 to 15 million views on YouTube and these are some of the top YouTube<br />
Videos have been created.</p>
<h3>Mo Vlogs Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Biography, Mo Vlogs &  By Biography , Instagram Star, Mo Vlogs income</h3>
<h3>A short biography of Mo Vlogs - Mo Vlogs Short Biography</h3>
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  1. Name Mo Vlogs
  2. Full Name Mohamed Bergdar
  3. Birth 27 September 1984
  4. Place of birth Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  5. Nationality Emirate
  6. Religion Islam
  7. Father Ismail Burgard
  8. Mother Nadereh samimi
  9. Sister Lana Rose
  10. Brother Not known
  11. Girlfriend Narine (Youtuber)
  12. Profession YouTuber, Blogger
  13. Youtube channel Mo Vlogs (8.6M subscribers)
  14. Property 44 Crore INR

    Mo Vlogs Girlfriend, Wife

    Mo Vlogs ke Girlfriend name of the Narin Hai, he is also a Youtuber. Narin has her own YouTube channel called Narin’s beauty and posts beauty related videos and all beauty material. She is originally from Syria but has been living in Sweden since childhood

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    Mo Vlogs On Social Media

    Social media Social media id Social media followers
    Tik tok @mo_vlogs 247 k Followers
    Instagram movlogs 2.5 million followers
    Youtube Mo Vlogs 8.6 million subscribers
    Twitter @mo_vlogs_ 50 k Followers
    Business Email [email protected]

    Mo Vlogs Body Measurment

    Length (approx) In centimeters – 175 cm
    In meters – 1.75
    Inches – 5’9 ″
    Weight (approx) Kg – 70 Kg Approx.
    In pounds – 154 lbs
    Physical measurement (approx.) 40-33-13
    Eye color light brown
    Hair color Black

    Favorite things from Mo Vlogs

    • Favorite Cars – Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari & Mercedez G Wagon
    • Favorite Food – Burgers, Milkshakes, Desert and Middle Eastern Foods
    • Favorite color – white, pink
    • Favorite Footwear Brand – Puma
    • Favorite holiday destination – New York, London and Paris

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