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Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was a Hindi poet, essayist, scholar and patriotic person. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar (Ramdhari Singh Dinkar) was born on 23 September 1908 in a poor Brahmin family in Simaria village of Begusarai district, Bihar. His father’s name was Shri Ravi Singh and mother’s name was Manrupi Devi. After taking his primary education in middle school in Boro village, he completed his B.A. He did history in 1932 from Patna University. In school and college, he practiced Hindi, Sanskrit, Maithili, Bengali, Urdu and English literature.

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Ramdhari Singh Dinkar is considered one of the main modern poets of India. At the time of Indian independence campaign, he fought with his own poems, so that he was called a rebel poet. During the period of freedom struggle, Dinkar came in contact with the eminent leaders of Indian politics like Rajendra Prasad etc. He was against the appeasement policy towards the British and a feeling of anger and revenge had arisen in his mind. And in such an environment, Dinkar grew up and later became a nationalist. In 1920, Dinkarji saw Mahatma Gandhi for the first time. Kavivar Dinkar was mostly influenced by the works of Iqbal, Rabindranath Tagore, Keats and Milton.

He was elected to the Rajya Sabha thrice and served as its member from 3 April 1952 to 26 January 1964. He was also awarded the Padma Bhushan Award in 1959 for his contribution. Along with this, he was Vice-Chancellor of Bhagalpur University (Bhagalpur, Bihar) in 1960.

He was conferred with the Jnanpith Award in 1972 for Urvashi.

National poet Kavita Dinkar, the conscious creator of modern national poetry, died of heart failure on 24 April 1974.

Many books of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar are published, out of which some of the main poems and texts are

  • Vijay Sandesh (1928)
  • Pranabhang (1929)
  • Renuka (1935)
  • Hunkar (1938)
  • Raswanti (1939)
  • Duality (1940)
  • Kurukshetra (1946)
  • Dhup Chah (1946)
  • Samadheni (1947)
  • Bapu (1947)
  • History of Tears (1951)
  • Dhup and Smoke (1951)
  • Chilli Fun (1951)
  • Rashmirathi (1952)
  • Delhi (1954)
  • Neem leaves (1954)
  • Neil Kusum (1954)
  • Marriage of the Sun (1955)
  • Chakrawal (1956)
  • Sipe and Conch (1957)
  • New Subhashit (1957)
  • Poetry (1957)
  • Urvashi (1961)
  • Waiting for Parashurama (1963)
  • Coal Air Poetry (1964)
  • Matthi Tilak (1964)
  • Eyes of the soul (1964)
  • Harenam to Harinam (1970)

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